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AIVER SPORT is the culmination of years of time and effort invested by two passionate people, Outi Kylmala and Lesley Koekenbier.  A company that takes both the horse and the rider equally seriously, what we aim to do is to help you achieve the maximum result from your riding experience.  No matter whether you’re new to all things ‘horsey’ or you’re a seasoned professional like the people we sponsor, we want the very best for you.

About the AIVER SPORT Brand

Here are the 3 key things that we believe make Aiver Sport different:

Innovation and quality run through our veins and every aspect of the company.  What this means is that we have a never-ending desire to give you the best tools we can to do the job.  Whether that’s our innovative Aiver Luxe or our incredibly popular 4D- breeches we’re always striving to help you get the max from your riding experience.

We’re an online store but we believe in the personal touch.  We’re always here for our riders, no matter whether they want a few minutes of guidance or want one-to-one support before investing in the saddle of their dreams.  We’re present in your environment and love when riders ask us to visit their stables so they can see our products in action.  We listen to what you want and what you need and we strive to meet and exceed your expectations every time.

We have a really loyal, international following.  We speak English, Finnish and Dutch and make it our business to reach out to people locally and overseas every day.  This in turn makes our customers really loyal and we’re so grateful for that.  We guess that is in very large part testament to the quality of our products and our service.


About the AIVER SPORT Partners


Outi is passionate about creating, developing and selling products that make a difference to the whole riding experience.  A lady with a hugely creative mind, “boundaries” is a word that’s simply not in Outi’s vocabulary (in any of the 3 languages she speaks)!  Someone with a huge heart, Outi’s dream is to support every horse, every stables and every rider in the whole wide world – yes, you’ve guessed it – Outi is a romantic.  However, we have to hand it to her, she’s certainly doing her bit!

Someone who likes to “do” and then “plan” later, Outi has no fear and regularly impresses our customers with her bravery.  Dubbed by some as “the crazy horse lady”, she is known for fearlessly riding horses that the owners themselves are frightened to ride.  In fact, now that we think about it, it’s easy to see why safety and security are at the core of all the products Outi conceives and develops (saddles and breeches alike). 



 Les is the planner and the builder at Aiver Sport.  Passionate about building things from scratch, Les likes to think, to analyse, to seek advice, to build, to seek advice again, to amend, to tweak, to perfect.  In fact, for Les only being the best is good enough.  Personal development is a major part of Les’s life because he believes that only by developing yourself can you help others develop.

 Add to all of this the fact that Les is the ‘feet firmly on the ground’ one at Aiver Sport and you see why this combination of innovation, creativity and solidity is such a winning formula.

 We hope that you get the chance to grow to love the Aiver Sport brand as much as we do and invite you to reach out if you think we can help you achieve your riding goals quicker, better or smarter.