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4D-breeches with fleece lining




Quick Overview

If you are looking for an extra confidence boost to take your riding to a whole new level, these breeches are for you.  Particularly appreciated by riders with young or energetic horses, these breeches aren’t just good looking and comfortable, they’re highly innovative as well.

The gel patches give you the grip and support you need and stay in place wash after wash.  These rubbery patches are truly unique and give you the saddle bond you need to fill you with the confidence you’re looking for to take your riding up a notch.

These unique Aiver Sport 4D-Gel Breeches come with 4-way stretch which gives you a firm, comfortable and supportive hold.  Complete with high waist, figure flattering seat and rider-friendly knees, they deliver maximum leg mobility and comfort.  Add to this the comfy lycra ankle and you start to see why these breeches fly off the shelves as fast as we can stock them. 

Available in three colours plus white Competition Breeches, there truly is an option for every occasion.

 If you’re someone who’s on the lookout for an extra boost of confidence, yet insists on great looks at the same time, these breeches are for you.

Horse and Hound tested our breeches and got 10/10 score!


 At a glance:


Extream saddle grip

*   4-way stretch for comfort and support

*   High waist    

*  Figure flattering seat

*  Rider friendly knees

 *  Lycra Ankle

*  69% Cotton, 26% Polyester, 5% Spandex

 Size Guide

 The measurements in the guide are taken without stretching the fabric and our Top Tip is to buy the size that matches your actual measurements. 


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  1. 6/5 ihan super hyvät siis! review by Elli on 09/10/2019

    Loistava istuvuus, koko piti paikkansa vs normihousut. Suosittelen lämpimästi!

  2. Vahva suositus! / Strongly recommend! review by Jutta on 28/09/2018

    Mukavimmat ratsastushousut pitää päällä mitä olen ikinä omistanut, kangas on pehmeää ja muotoutuu hyvin. Gripit takaavat, että et liu’u satulassa enää ja pysyvät pitävinä myös sateen/pesun jälkeen. Hinta saattaa kauhistuttaa, mutta ovat täysin sen arvoiset ja kampanjat houkuttelevat aina ostamaan lisää!

    The most comfortable breeches I have ever worn. The fabric is flexible and so soft. The gel will make sure you don’t slide or slip on the saddle. Even if you wash it or it’s raining the gel doesn’t forget it’s work. The price might terrify some people but I promise you it’s totally worth it!

  3. Amazing review by GinaG on 18/07/2018

    My 4D breeches arrived this morning and I am so impressed by the prompt delivery and the beautiful packaging! Such a nice touch to have added riding gloves and aero chocolate bar, I am thoroughly delighted wi th the make and style. Well done

  4. Fantastic customer service review by Looby Loo on 02/06/2017

    Fantastic customer service and fantastic products thought of and designed by a rider for a rider. Products come beautifully gift wrapped too.

  5. By far, the best breeches I have ever bought. review by Meg Daley on 01/06/2017

    Recently bought 2 pairs of the Aiver Sport 4D Gel Breeches after reading a fantastic review in Horse & Hound. Many breeches claim to help to stick to the saddle but these ACTUALLY DO! The are, by far, the best breeches I have ever bought. They give you a security in the saddle most breeches don't and I've bought a lot of different brands of breeches over the years. Comfortable, stylish, wash well and most importantly they do what they claim to do. My only criticism is they only do them in Navy, Black and White...!

  6. I love them! review by Abbie Gurnett on 01/02/2017

    Mine came today, absolutely love them

  7. Just ordered three! review by Alexis James on 01/02/2017

    I've just ordered three ! One in each colour . Can't wait to try them especially as working towards sitting trot for dressage when I get back . Excellent customer service

  8. Fast delivery and great customer service review by Jo Woodcock on 01/02/2017

    Mine have arrived and I LOVE them!! Super comfy, stylish and very flattering- in fact have just ordered another pair- that's how good they are!!! Excellent service!!

  9. Professional Cross Country rider Alice Dunsdon review by Alice Dunsdon on 01/02/2017

    Being an " Equestrian" I practically live­ in my breeches. I would have more pairs ­of breeches than jeans, dresses or even s­hoes! So when I j­umped at the opportunity to add these Aiver Sport 4D Breeches to ­my wardrobe I was eager to test them ­out.

    A couple of days later they arrived and ­I ripped off the packaging and held them ­out in front of me. The first thing I not­iced was the elegant shape of the breeche­s and the excellent material that Aiver S­port has used to design these riding trou­sers. As I began to slip them on straight­ away I knew these were going to be very ­comfortable. I love their Lycra ankle mat­erial they have used. This makes them so ­easy to put on and having no seem on your­ ankle means no uncomfortable pressure po­ints and this is a must for the breeches ­I wear.

    I looked in the mirror and the high wais­ted style makes these breeches very flatt­ering and you feel supported. You can't m­iss the gel strips on the breeches and th­ere is no other way to describe this gel ­as pure grip.

    As I climbed onto the first horse of the­ day to exercise I was keen to see how th­ey felt. Straight away although I felt ve­ry supported by these breeches I did not ­feel restricted in anyway. I now understa­nd why they call them 4D breeches because­ they do stretch in 4 ways allowing you c­omplete freedom of movement when riding.

    The gel technology is simply brilliant a­nd I can only describe it as feeling clos­er to the horse but in no way did I feel ­sticky or even stuck to my saddle, just t­he feeling of having a very secure seat.

    The other thing that I loved about these­ breeches is that they have decent size p­ockets for your phone. These pockets are ­very discreet with a secure zip on the ou­tside and they are perfect for your phone­, money or whatever else you would like t­o have with you whilst riding or about th­e yard.

    I would highly recommend these breeches ­to any equestrian in any discipline of th­e sport. Aiver Sport have very much done ­their homework on what a rider wants and ­have produce an excellent bit of engineer­ing. I most definitely will be wearing th­eses breeches in the future and they will­ take prime spot in my wardrobe.

    Happy Riding,­
    Alice Dunsdon xx­

  10. The most comfortable breeches ! review by Debbie Barnes on 01/02/2017

    I have these breeches and can safely say the are the most comfortable breeches I have ever ridden in , they just fit perfectly and importantly they don't slip down as I hate nothing more than having to pull my breeches up all the time !!

  11. Best breeches review by Kathleen B on 01/02/2017

    These are the best breeches I have ever had!

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