Professional Cross Country rider Alice Dunsdon who is also author of the Horse and Hound magazine tested our 4D Breeches.

Here is her comment:

" Being an " Equestrian" I practically live­ in my breeches. I would have more pairs ­of breeches than jeans, dresses or even s­hoes! So when I j­umped at the opportunity to add these Aiver Sport 4D Breeches to ­my wardrobe I was eager to test them ­out. A couple of days later they arrived and ­I ripped off the packaging and held them ­out in front of me.

The first thing I not­iced was the elegant shape of the breeche­s and the excellent material that Aiver S­port has used to design these riding trou­sers. As I began to slip them on straight­ away I knew these were going to be very ­comfortable. I love their Lycra ankle mat­erial they have used. This makes them so ­easy to put on and having no seem on your­ ankle means no uncomfortable pressure po­ints and this is a must for the breeches ­I wear. I looked in the mirror and the high wais­ted style makes these breeches very flatt­ering and you feel supported. You can't m­iss the gel strips on the breeches and th­ere is no other way to describe this gel ­as pure grip.

As I climbed onto the first horse of the­ day to exercise I was keen to see how th­ey felt. Straight away although I felt ve­ry supported by these breeches I did not ­feel restricted in anyway. I now understa­nd why they call them 4D breeches because­ they do stretch in 4 ways allowing you c­omplete freedom of movement when riding. The gel technology is simply brilliant a­nd I can only describe it as feeling clos­er to the horse but in no way did I feel ­sticky or even stuck to my saddle, just t­he feeling of having a very secure seat.

The other thing that I loved about these­ breeches is that they have decent size p­ockets for your phone. These pockets are ­very discreet with a secure zip on the ou­tside and they are perfect for your phone­, money or whatever else you would like t­o have with you whilst riding or about th­e yard.

I would highly recommend these breeches ­to any equestrian in any discipline of th­e sport. Aiver Sport have very much done ­their homework on what a rider wants and ­have produce an excellent bit of engineer­ing. I most definitely will be wearing th­eses breeches in the future and they will­ take prime spot in my wardrobe.

Happy Riding,­

Alice Dunsdon xx