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Aiver Luxe Jumping

Quick Overview

Aiver Luxe Saddle is revolutionary in its design yet embraces all the traditional qualities you’d expect from a saddle of this calibre.

Aiver Luxe Saddle is for you if you want a light, balanced ride.  Aiver Luxe truly is a perfect example of innovation and tradition working in perfect harmony together. 

Made to the highest standards and boasting the latest technological advances, you can adjust the width of this saddle in minutes. Adjusting the width of your saddle means achieve complete comfort for you and your horse.

Made from the finest Argentinian calf leather, the finish of this saddle is second to none.  But it’s not only good looking.  The Aiver Luxe Saddle seat design promises security and improves confidence.  The unique saddle construction supports the rider’s upper body, stabilising the seat bones and preventing unnecessary movement.  It also reduces concussion in the lower back giving the rider a more comfortable seat whilst providing the perfect surface for eve the most sensitive horses. 

All in all, the Aiver Luxe Saddle is the ultimate in saddle luxury for horse and rider.


At a glance:

*  Adjust the width for a perfect fit using the patent protected saddle tree mechanism.

Shorter shoulder/gullet irons allow for greater freedom and mobility of the front legs and shoulder.

Innovative use of the finest fabrics means that weight and pressure are distributed evenly, providing optimum comfort for the horse and rider.

Revolutionary two layer panels mean you don’t need to flock your panels as often as you would with a traditional saddle. Upper layer is traditional wool and bottom layer gel foam.

Double Y-girthing system ensures that the saddle stays in place thanks to better anchoring.

Genius strap holders keep your girth securely in place.

Comes with 5-year mechanism and 5-year saddle tree warranty.

* Short panels; 17"~ 41.5cm, 17.5"~ 43.5cm


Chosen by Olympic medallist and World Champion Andreas Helgstrand and the preferred option of many other professional riders, you too can make the same choices as these élite riders when you choose Aiver Luxe.

” I think Aiver Luxe is a next -generation saddle, because you can do fitting yourself in seconds. Luxe is a high quality saddle and it is just a perfect saddle to sit in!”

Sizing guide

The Aiver Luxe Saddle comes as standard in the following size: 16",16.5", 17", 17.5", 18"

Small custom made changes can be done without extra charge.


Material guide

* Saddle tree is polyurethane, which offers some flexibility, as it moves with the biomechanic movement of the horse.

* Two layer panels; wool and gel foam mattres.

* Calf leather , also called grease leather

Length of the panels: 16"= 38cm, 16.5"= 39cm, 17″= 41.5ccm and 17.5″ is 43.5cm

If you wish to have other sizes please contact us.


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