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Aiver Performance Dressage

Quick Overview

Aiver Performance Monoflap saddles aremade from the finest Argentinian calf leather. Our leather feels smooth and soft and it allows for a better grip, and therefore gives the rider a sensation of safety. Today´s breeding produces horses with increasingly powerful gaits, so it is mandatory that a rider feel safe in the saddle.

Aiver Sport´s advanced saddle tree is made of polyurethane and tree will move with the horse instead of against it. When the horse turns or bends his body the tree encourage the horse to use their back because of ability to flex and adjust to the horse´s movement. Our saddle tree provides ultimate comfort for the horse and rider!

One of the unique features of the Aiver Performance is our anatomically shaped saddle gullet. Our gullet maximise the shoulder freedom. Our bended gullet doesn’t pinch or limit the movement like some traditional V-shaped gullets might do. Our gullets comes in three different sizes; narrow-medium / medium-wide/ wide-xwide. We can also adjust the width of the gullet by the measure of your horse!

When it comes to changing a gullet our “mechanism” is very easy and fast. It really takes only 5min for changing. You only need allan key for opening screws.  

Aiver Performance is truly perfect saddle for riders who are looking for new innovative solutions to improve there riding and don’t want to commute with a quality.

Aiver Performance features:

·         Woollen panels

·         Polyurethane tree

·         Anatomically shaped gullet

·         Short panels

·         Fits for horses with straight or slightly curvy back

·         Fits for horses with high and wide wither

·         Saddle comes with strandard medium-wide gullet


We offer 5 years warranty for saddle tree apart from any accident!

All the seat and panel sizes can be made with customsized measures. Manufacture time about 6-8 weeks.

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