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Leather care

Leather is a natural material, therefore it sometimes presents little imperfections like small veins, scars and insect bites.

However we carefully choose the ideal cut of each individual hide, in order to avoid this in the final product.

Leather is a perishable material. If it is not cleaned and greased regularly, the life expectancy of a product is greatly reduced and will contribute to colour loss and premature ageing of stitching and leather. Leather that is not cared for correctly will become discoloured, dry, brittle and will crack.

There are many reasons why leather becomes damaged. Sweat, excessive heat, sun damage, extremely damp conditions and complete lack of maintenance being the most common.

Warranty Details

Warranty covers faulty tree and mechanism. For the tree and quick change-mechanism we offer 5-year warranty for breakage while subject to normal usage and conditions. Our tree and mechanism is made in England, Walsall.

In the event of a warranty claim, repair will be carried out as necessary, free of charge to yourself upon:

  • Proof of original purchase
  • Acceptance of examination by authorised persons
  • Any unauthorised repairs or alterations will automatically cancel this warranty

Our panels are filled with Jacob wool and are stuffed to a medium consistency in order to mould naturally to the shape of the horses back. We recommend that a new saddle is checked after approximately 12 weeks as the wool will settle to the horse’s shape.

When it comes to warranty , we don’t refund money. Warranty applies only for repairing the product or if can’t be repaired then we send a new product.

Faulty Goods

If you discover the goods are faulty, you must notify us of the defect within 7 days of the date of delivery.

Authorised repairs and alterations


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